Handmade In Ohio, USA

Our mission is to provide you with skin loving, moisturizing soap, room & linen sprays, lotions, and other bath and body products using all natural oils and butters. We are a family owned small business based in Ohio & have grown to a retail boutique with a mixture of handmade bath, body, skincare, fragrance, and home items. In-store shopping at 4646 E. Lake Rd., Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054.

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Retail Boutique

  • Suncatchers

    A beautiful, dainty handmade way to spread little rainbows in any room. Available with or without a cross. $10.00 each.

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  • Gluten Free Oatmeal Bath Sprinkles

    A great way to soothe itchy skin and redness for people of all ages. Evven comes with a scoop.

    $10.00 each bag

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  • Candles in Jars with Lids

    Wonderful handmade candles in jars with lids. Many scents to choose from.

    $9.00 each.

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  • Soothing Soap

    A great soap for skin sensitivities. This soap is 100% olive oil, organic carrots, colloidal oatmeal, honey, and an orange essential oil.

    $6.50 each

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  • Seasonal Room and Linen Sprays great to freshen up any room.

    Room, Car, & Linen Spray

    Great way to freshen up your home, car & your linens. Wide range of scent choices and even able to customize. Each spray is 4oz.

    $7.00 each

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  • Creamy Milk Bath

    A great addition to your bath. A creamy milk bath. Vegan options available too. You can customize your milk bath with milk choice and scent choice. Each jar is 5oz.

    $6.00 each

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  • Great shape soaps for kids. Six colors and six scents.

    Vehicle Soap Set of 6

    A 6 pack of vehicle soaps great for your little ones. Each color is a different scent. Have fun in the tub and learn your colors. Each set it made to order.

    $7.99 each set

  • Bath Crayons

    Have fun in the tub. 5 unscented colors, no staining - just draw and rinse off with bath crayons.


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  • Hair Bows

    We have many handmade hair bows to choose from from puffed sets to single bows. Many designs and colors too. (Picture shows our puffed bow sets.)

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  • Jayden's Wish Lotion made for people with all skin ailments.

    Jayden's Wish for skin ailments & sensitive skin

    A skin loving and moisturizing creamy lotion. Great for all skin ailments. Fragrance Free type available too. Key ingredients: Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil & Collodial Oatmeal.

    $5.00 USD

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  • Solid Lotion Bars shaped like flowers that melt on contact with your skin.

    Solid Lotion/Massage Bars

    Melts on contact with your skin, non-greasy, and fits in the palm of your hand. Variety of colors and scents. $5.00 USD

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  • Silky skin loving lotions in a variety of scents.

    Lotion 4oz.

    A moisturizing, creamy, thick lotion. Available in a variety of light scents and colors. Key Ingredients: Shea Butter & Avocado Oil.

    $5.00 USD

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  • Emulisified Sugar Scrubs

    A great way to exfoliate your skin and when rinsed off leaves it feeling moisturized and soft. Made with organic cane sugar.

    $5.00 USD

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Contact Us

There are many ways to reach out and contact us with questions, concerns or any suggestions you may have. 

We are available by phone Monday - Friday from 10am (EST) - 7pm (EST) and Saturdays from 10am (EST) - 6pm (EST) Please leave a message and one of us will return your call as soon as we can. 

Phone: (440) 752-0016

Email: robinsonfamilysoaps@gmail.com (the fastest response)