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Award Winning Local Honey by Henrietta Honey

Award Winning Local Honey by Henrietta Honey

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Henrietta Honey is a small handmade business that was started by my dear friend Sherry. She is a local beekeeper based out of Elyria, Ohio. She has won awards for her local honey. I am pleased to offer her local honey to you in an abundance of flavors including regular raw honey. All of her honey that is flavored is done so by either soaking the honey in dehydrated fruits, using extracts, or a cinnamon stick or madagascar vanilla bean. She has flavors like Bourbon, Hot, Chocolate, Apple, Lemon, Peach, Cinnamon, and more. 

*All of her 1 pound honey's can be purchased here or on her website which is full of a variety of products including other skincare options at:


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