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Baby Shaped Solid Lotion Bars Wholesale/Custom

Baby Shaped Solid Lotion Bars Wholesale/Custom

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Solid Lotion Bars shaped like baby items. These are named Lullaby Bars and come with a cute label design unless you ask for a different design. Each one of these shapes are great for a baby shower gift to thank your guests for coming to your event. We have a pacifier, a footprint, a baby stroller, a rattle, a teddy bear, and a baby bottle. Each shape weighs 3.5 oz.

Each lotion bar is hand poured and created with Sweet Almond Oil, White Beeswax, and Cocoa Butter. They melt on contact with your skin. They are great for baby shower gifts. The customizable for the color and scent of your choice. They are made to order and take about 2 hours from start to finish. At this time we have 6 shapes to include in your custom order. We also offer custom labeling if you choose. All orders come with free shipping in the USA.

Please contact me prior to ordering so we can discuss what you are looking for as far as labeling, scent, and color.
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