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Robinson Family Soaps

Banana Nut Bread Coconut Milk Soap

Banana Nut Bread Coconut Milk Soap

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This soap is one of our new ones just in time for fall. It smells delicious. The scent is a combination of ripe banana, orange zest, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, with bottom notes of vanilla extract, baked bread, and crushed pecans. This soap was made with Coconut Milk to add to the creaminess and skin loving properties. 

All of our soaps are made by starting with a soap base. Our soaps are allowed to harden overnight in their molds before we unmold them. Once unmolded, they are cut into bars and cure for 4-6 weeks to make for a longer lasting and harder bar. As with all handmade soaps, it is a good idea to let them dry between uses to last longer. 

We recommend that if you have any skin irritation/allergen to discontinue use. 

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