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Robinson Family Soaps

Solid Lotion Bars/Massage Bars/Body Butter Bars

Solid Lotion Bars/Massage Bars/Body Butter Bars

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Our Solid Lotions are shaped like flowers and other designs. They are handmade by combining Cocoa Butter, White Beeswax, a touch of fragrance, a touch of color, and Sweet Almond Oil to create a long-lasting, non-greasy feeling to your skin while moisturizing your skin. They fit in the palm of your hand for easy use. Each lotion flowers is scented to give your skin a subtle scent. We have a wide range of lotion flowers to chose from with more added every few days. Great for all skin types and keep your hands soft with all this washing we are doing at this time in our lives and drying out our hands. Each bar weighs 4 oz. No need for a bottle or pump.

Each lotion bar from start to finish takes approximately 2 hours to make. They are hand poured into their molds, allowed to harden, placed in the freezer for one hour. Once removed from the freezer they are allowed to set out for 30 minutes before being removed from their molds and wrapped.

Scents available:  Peach, Asian Pear & Lily, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Cream, Aloha, and Natural which smells just like Cocoa Butter.

Ingredients: Made with Sweet Almond Oil, White Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, and a hint of fragrance.

Caution: If irritation or allergen occurs please discontinue use and seek medical care if need be.

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