About Us

All of my products are made by hand in my home where I have turned my dining room and half my living room into a soap studio/shipping/display area. I create my own labels, and run/manage my business with 2 family members helping and my 5 children cheering me on. 

Robinson Family Soaps was created by me, Mary Robinson. My hope was to provide better moisturizing soaps and other products to help my husband and child with a genetic skin condition they suffer from. Their skin makes it look as though they have hard scales on areas of their body. The winter is the worst on them. This disorder is called Ichthyosis. It can be in a mild form to a more severe form. The prescription lotions we kept getting for them caused burning. In a young child burning and bleeding of the skin makes it harder to help because he was getting scared of the lotions. After months of researching this skin condition I learned certain oils and butters were good for their skin. My journey into soap making and lotions started that day. 

Today I continue with my journey creating new products that are safe for them to use. I wanted to share what I learned with others. So here we are. My goal is to make sure my products are affordable to all people while enjoying handmade products. i cater to all genders and all ages. I make no medical claims for any of my products.